Hiding the default header in the LightSwitch HTML Client

Posted by Xander van der Merwe on 31 July 2013 | 142 Comments

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Sometimes you need to hide the default LightSwitch HTML client generated header. You may wish to hide the entire header including the screen tabs or just the title part above the screen tabs. The following JavaScript function will do this for you if called from the screen_actived() event:

// hide entire header (incl screen tabs)
myapp.Home.hideHeader = function () {
    var $html = $('html');
    var $element = $html.find(".msls-header-area");
// hide header title bar only (excl screen tabs)
myapp.Home.hideHeaderTitle = function () {
    var $html = $('html');
    var $element = $html.find(".titles-bar");


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